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UPDATED:  May 16, 2022
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"Celebrating our Legacy in our 54rd Year"
in 2021 - 2022
3-Year-Old Program
The 3-Year-Old program is offered three, four or five mornings a week.  Your child must be 3 years old by September 30, 2020.  Registration takes place in January 2020.  We offer an option for a additional class session to be added to your child's weekly schedule.

Our 3-Year-Old program provides a fun educational early childhood experience. We provide a warm nurturing environment.  We fosters your child's independence by offering them opportunities to make positive choices in the classroom.  Building social skills includes:  making friends, resolving conflicts and manners.  Our art projects are designed to develop your child's fine motor skills and creativity.  We provide many experiences which in turn become essential for development of future writing skills.  Math, science, language arts and literacy are part of the developmentally appropriate curriculum.  We offer all our 3-year-old classes weekly music instruction with our Music teacher.  Each class also includes a creative movement class during the class time once a week.  The children enjoy books and stories, building blocks, imaginative play, puzzles and manipulatives.  We support each child's individual growth and development..

For additional information, feel free to contact the school at (908) 273-0484.